About Us

Versatile-Traders Ltd is a consulting company registered in England and Wales with company number 10939626. 

Our mission is to simplify business financing for entrepreneurs through bespoke structured financing models.  

Our Vision finds expression in mobilizing trade and investment capital into the emerging markets to achieve sustainable development.  

Our tested strategies focus on stimulating the economic and social development of our operating environment with creative solutions. 

The private sector has a great role to play in the development of emerging markets. Therefore, we work with entrepreneurs who think long term in their investment plan; who can build business models that are sustainable and enduring. We look for investors whose investment interest transcend short term profit but are committed to the growth and development of their operating Environment.

We follow  a  modelled  business  plan  and  financials  compliant  with  our  funders’ requirements; we present your business needs with a number of alternative funding dynamics including the arrangement of collateral (where necessary) for a range of funding channels to invest. 

Versatile-Traders’ unique approach removes the ‘combat’ from financing by a careful preparation and presentation of a client’s potential to our collaborative financing partners.  The predictable end is to a clear negotiated agreement to support a business over the long term. 

We provide a transactional dimension to structuring unconventional and bespoke solution for individuals and companies engaged in  international  trading  activities,  cross  border  project  finance, in  the  United  Kingdom, European Union Market  and  overseas,  construction finance and brokerage.

We facilitate in structuring the necessary resources and specialist expertise to support the project development continuum, from concept  through  feasibility  analysis,  finance  structuring,  funding  and  construction  to  operation  of  the  entire  project  development process.