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Our aim is to meet the customer’s needs seeking the best price-quality ratio, we vision to be the point of connection worldwide customer-supplier and value commitment, discipline and customer and supplier service.

The company represents a select group of primary producers, distributors and traders globally and brings them in touch with the marketplace by means of personalized communication and service. Most of our suppliers conform to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

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Versatile-Traders service is a one-stop solution for our esteemed commodity buyers, offering complete value and logistics from farm to port. With an eye on just everything, we manage the rigorous supply chain; risk, quality control and ultimately, helping our client in the most ethical way possible.


Versatile-Traders strategy include the following; suppliers search or verification, local contract negotiation and legal, on-site / factory inspection, procurement and/or work with suppliers on quality assurance. We also provide export documentation, pre-shipment inspection and offer a dedicated staff to communicate step-by step procedures.


We value the Information and the feedback we receive at Versatile Traders. Keeping up to date trends and the changing environment to business is key. It enables us to deliver true value that meets the needs of our clients and our organisation. Therefore we are constantly adapting and shaping our business to maximise growth for all.


We trade quality organic goods, african teak wood and conventional nuts, rice and sugar. Providing high-quality products from reliable suppliers. We work with farmers and suppliers worldwide, providing real-time information to clients, obtaining the best quality-price ratio, and offering customized treatment to suppliers and clients.


Versatile-Traders are constantly expanding their base. Whether its new insights, technology, new markets, client’s, or businesses we believe in creating continuous and sustainable growth. Our team of specialist have deep and broad industry backgrounds and direct hands-on business expertise to make this happen.


Challenges feed and catapult the growth of our business. Finance, time, information, pricing, strategy, management, and personnel, are key areas that pose challenges for business. Our opportunity for growth arise with the ability to overcome the hurdles we face.

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