Versatile-Traders Ltd has developed a special STF. Under this structure, we arrange the establishment of letters of credit and fund it for the supplier. We work with the importer to establish a flexible remittance Guarantee Payment term.  We ensure a quick turnaround time for closing of transaction and without traditional onerous conditions that are standard with High Street Banks. This is because requests are suitably matched to the most appropriate financing solution. 


SPF loans are arranged for clients who do not qualify for conventional funding due to the adverse risk structure of the project and could arrange collateral through any of our fiduciary partners who are beneficial owners of the collateral/Bonds. Versatile-Traders Ltd comprehensive advisory and debt arrangement for the non-recourse and limited recourse financing of long-term, capital intensive projects. 

We provide innovative alternative financing solutions that can take a standard or more complex transaction from inception through to its completion.

We work within structured finance alongside the project finance to identify and structure transactions that may benefit from access to alternative structures and sources of capital include access to both private and public institutional financial markets and international public guarantors. 

Versatile-Traders Ltd developed and is currently implementing an innovative financing platform and process of alternative investors guarantee with partners in the International Market aiming at facilitating the access of emergent countries to first class infrastructure projects and therefore contributing in bridging the infrastructure gap.

Our specialist teams focus on a range of sectors, including agrobusiness, power & renewables, infrastructure, natural resources, and housing finance.



The project development process from concept through feasibility analysis, finance structuring, funding and construction to operation, is a complex, intricate and multi-staged process where the promoter and other project participants require continuous specialist support. 

We take the responsibility of providing the necessary resources and specialist expertise to support the entire project development process from the feasibility analysis, finance structuring, funding and construction to operation. 

We act as the owner’s representative from the inception and conception of the project, throughout the entire process of set up. Once the vision and mission is identified we put every possible effort to turn that goal into reality. Within a holistic approach towards betterment our team can co-ordinate with different service providers to proffer a hassle-free undertaking. 

We advocate owner’s interests with our wide network of developers, contractors, facility management companies and other related stakeholders. 

Versatile-Traders Ltd works with associates with over 20 years’ experience who coordinate the project management process to deliver developmental projects on turnkey basis.


In terms of infrastructure, our technical partners have carried out projects in the following emerging countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar, Togo and Uruguay. But also in: Spain, United States, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and United Kingdom.


Drawing from its trade expertise Versatile-Traders Ltd has a comparative advantage and a broad network of contacts, in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of global and diverse regions, countries, markets and societies. 

Throughout the years, Versatile-Traders Events Team has established strong relationships built on trust and close collaboration with several global and regional key institutions, governments, private sector companies, investors, financial institutions, multilateral organizations, and corporate associations.

Through plenary and break-out sessions, live stream debates, presentations and interactive workshops and tailored training, our events are focus on transparent, state-of-the art and constructive dialogue to enable the formulation of new ideas and investment solutions. 

The last 2 investment forums were dedicated to renewable energies in Latin America and cashew processing in Africa.

With several local partners in the major economic and financial hubs, we provide our sponsors, and delegates with advice and suggestions to ensure we deliver on the best event to meet their requirements and expectations.



In addition, we also publish a digital magazine Mercados Africanos (African Markets) on the economy and finance in Africa and specifically aimed at Portuguese speakers.

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